INFINITE MOUNTAIN was named after the idea that life is an ever-changing climb and we are all on the same journey. The idea of naming a Survival Kit after this ideal speaks to the belief that anything is possible and we can accomplish anything. And sometimes, that just means simply – do not die.


What makes INFINITE MOUNTAIN Survival Kits different from the competition?


The INFINITE MOUNTAIN Survival Kits combine form, function and superior survival items that will ensure you have the peace of mind in the wildest of circumstances. Not only are the contents specifically curated to nourish, heal and protect the body and soul, but the actual survival bag itself is made to withstand the toughest weather, is fully waterproof and features a quick change adjustable strap feature to alternate between a backpack and sling bag. This 72-hour kit weighs a total of 10 pounds and is easily carried by adults and children alike.


How did you come up with the contents in your kit?


These kits have been designed by experts in the preparedness industry with guidelines given by government agencies and non-profit preparedness organizations.


Where can I purchase INFINITE MOUNTAIN Survival Kits?


INFINITEMOUNTAIN.COM is the exclusive seller of our kits.


Who should I contact in the case of an actual emergency?


Immediately contact 911 or your local emergency service, police,, fire department, etc.


How do we get in touch with Customer Service?


Our customer service team is always ready to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact us anytime at info@infinitemountain.com.


What are the dimensions and weight of the INFINITE MOUNTAIN Survival Kit?


The INFINITE MOUNTAIN Survival Kit weighs approximately 10 pounds and comes in a storable box measuring 8” x 8” x 18”.


Where are your products designed? Where are they shipped from?


Our headquarters, design studio and fulfilment center are all located in Los Angeles, California, USA.