About Us

Life is an Infinite Mountain. Do not die. 

We realized that we weren't ready for an emergency. And neither were our families or friends or co-workers. It's like, really? If an emergency situation happened we would just die? That didn't make sense. So we went to the experts and developed the perfect kit. One that not only keeps you alive, but nourishes the mind, body and soul. Staying alive is what it's all about.

We made a 1 person / 72 hour emergency survival kit. We created a waterproof 15L roll bag with a convertible strap system that adjusts from sling bag to backpack with ease. It features an interior mobile phone pocket with exterior touchscreen shield for both quick access and waterproof protection. Inside we included essential nourishment, water, first aid, lighting, radio and dozens of more items to keep you safe and healed physically. We also added items that feed the spirit, from notebooks, to card games to personal hygiene items that keep you feeling your best self in the toughest of circumstances.

Even the box itself was considered. The interior of each INFINITE MOUNTAIN box contains the directions to build a signal fire, includes positive messaging the can be displayed to keep you energy going and it also includes a classic distress S.O.S. graphic which can be used quite literally in an emergency. It also provides your first opportunity for kindling to start a fire if needed.

This kit was designed using advice from experts in the field of emergency preparedness. It follows guidelines offered by government agencies and nonprofit preparedness organizations and has everything you need to face whatever lies ahead. But really, it was designed to create a momentum of action, where everyone you know is prepared for any situation that lies ahead.

Do not die.

- Infinite Mountain